Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ivy and Capri Come For a Visit

In the summer of 2012 Ivy came to stay with us for about 3 weeks and Capri came for a couple of days during that time. Ivy is so easy to have come visit cause she just wants to be with me so anything we do is good with her. We had so much fun spending a lot of time outside.
 Playing in the neighbors sprinklers. 
Zach, Isa, and Lola. The kids spent a lot of time in this little pool.
playing play dough with some neighbor friends.

 While Ivy was here Fast (Ty's work) to us to Knights action park. Lucky us. 
"Remember Lola be careful" Isa says.

 We went to St. Louis and took the girls to the American girl store. Addi loves her new Julie doll!
 Washigton park

Best Friends!

The Magic House in St. Louis.

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abby said...

Amy! I just noticed your comment on my blog! So fun to see your posts- your kids are so grown up and beautiful! And I LOVE the name Sylvie. LOVE it. Good job!