Thursday, September 12, 2013

Friends of Springfield Illinois

 We are so lucky that after our big move we were able to make new friends so quickly!
Our great friends the Wheelers (Shannon, Zoey, Mitch, and Charley) lived in our neighborhood for a year. Before moving back to Indiana. I was so sad to see them leave! I loved Shannon! She would sit outside with me and just talk while we watched our friends leave. She made me feel like I still had a support system. The kids had a goodbye party before they moved. These pictures were taken then.
 The Griffin's (Susie, Byron, Jerron, and Aiclynn) I met them in the hotel we were staying in before we even had a home yet. They moved here at the same time as us. Her husband works for the same company as my husband, Lucky us! Me and Susie clicked instantly and were inseparable until she moved to Alaska in April 2013. It has been so hard loosing these two friends! I have not been able to find ones to replace them yet. The good news is I will still see Susie and her family every year at AGM.
 Addi and Aiclynn coloring at the hotel.
 Addi, Lola and the neighborhood kids. Charlie, Zoey, and Aiclyn Carpenter. 
 Lola, Aiclynn Griffin, Jerron, Rhett, and Addi at Scheels

Summer fire at the Carpenters (who live next door). Shannon and her husband Tommy are in this picture.

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